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Meyer moving company for your Jobcenter move

Moving company Meyer supports you with your Jobcenter move. We know that approval and cost coverage by the job center are crucial. That’s why we offer comprehensive advice and create a suitable offer that meets the Jobcenter’s requirements.

From the initial planning to the furnishing of your new home – we are at your side. Rely on our expertise to make your Jobcenter move stress-free and compliant.

Licensing advice

We will help you obtain approval for your move from the Jobcenter by guiding you through the application process.

Cost-transparent offer

We prepare a detailed offer that is acceptable to the Jobcenter to ensure that your moving costs are covered.

Professional packing service

We offer a safe and efficient packing service that guarantees the protection of your belongings.

Movings in Germany and internationally

We have been reliably carrying out job center movings for you throughout Germany and even internationally for more than 20 years.

Dismantling and assembly of furniture and kitchens

Our moving professionals will take care of the dismantling and assembly of kitchens and furniture for you.

Flexible moving packages

Specially tailored to your needs and the Jobcenter’s budget: Choose from our numerous services for your Jobcenter move.

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What does a job center move cost at Meyer?

When calculating your Jobcenter move, the most important factors are the quantity of your moving goods and the distance. We offer additional services such as furniture assembly and renovation work. So let’s talk about the exact scope of services.

For a non-binding and free price estimate, simply contact us using the quotation form.

Alternatively, you are welcome to use our free telephone moving advice service!

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Jobcenter moving ABC

Things to know about Jobcenter movings

What exactly is a Jobcenter moving?

A Jobcenter moving is a move that becomes necessary for professional or social reasons and for which the Jobcenter assumes the costs. This may be the case, for example, if you start a new job that is not accessible from your current place of residence, or if your current home is no longer suitable for health or family reasons.

Who is entitled to have their moving costs covered by the Jobcenter?

As a rule, recipients of unemployment benefit II are entitled to a move financed by the Jobcenter, provided the move is necessary and the costs are reasonable. The necessity must be proven, for example by a new employment contract or a medical certificate.

Who decides which moving company I can hire?

In principle, you are responsible for obtaining cost estimates from moving companies and submitting them to the Jobcenter. The Jobcenter then checks whether the costs are reasonable. As a rule, the most favorable offer is preferred. However, you have the right to make suggestions and coordinate them with the Jobcenter.

Are the costs of a Jobcenter move covered 100%?

The costs are generally only covered up to an amount that the Jobcenter considers appropriate. The upper limit for a Jobcenter moving within Germany is currently 4,500 euros. It is possible that not all or only part of the moving costs will be covered, depending on the individual situation and regional guidelines.

Can I move whenever I want and the Jobcenter will pay for it?

No. Movings are only paid for by the Jobcenter if they are recognized as necessary and approval has been obtained in advance.

The following reasons are generally not recognized: Mere dissatisfaction with the current apartment, the desire to move in with adult family members or the general desire of young adults under the age of 25 to move out is not accepted by the Jobcenter.

What reasons does the Jobcenter usually accept for a Jobcenter moving?

The Jobcenter typically approves movings if they are work-related, more space due to family growth is required, in the event of significant life events such as marriage or separation, if the apartment is terminated through no fault of the tenant, for health reasons, due tounacceptable living conditions (e.g. mold) or if personal independence is sought after the age of 25. Conflicts at home or starting their own family life can also be legitimate reasons, especially for people under 25.

We will be happy to advise you!

We will be happy to advise you!


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Why Meyer Umzüge for your job center move?

Rely on the expertise of Meyer Umzüge when it comes to your Germany-wide job center move. With over 20 years of experience, clear pricing and a wide range of services, we make your Jobcenter move worry-free.

Individual services

We take the time to understand your personal situation and Jobcenter requirements in order to develop a perfectly coordinated moving plan.

Detailed cost discussion

Our team works closely with you to ensure that all costs are transparent and remain within the Jobcenter's guidelines so that there are no unexpected expenses.

All-round service and advice

From applying for a moving permit to furnishing your new home and settling accounts with the Jobcenter, we offer an all-round service that is specially tailored to the needs of Jobcenter clients.


Frequently asked questions

We have summarized and answered the most frequently asked questions about moving to the Jobcenter:

What reasons justify a move paid for by the Jobcenter?

A job center will finance your move if it is job-related, e.g. if you take up a new job that would involve unreasonable commuting times (more than 2.5 hours per day). Costs may also be covered in the event of serious defects in your current home, such as significant mold infestation, health-related necessities (for example, if you are no longer able to climb stairs in a home without an elevator), family changes such as having children, which would make the current home too small, or in the event of a separation. The circumstances must be well documented and proven in order to increase the chances of approval from the Jobcenter.

The first step is to inform your current case worker at the Jobcenter about your planned move. Ideally, this should be done before planning the move. If you move to a new city, a different Jobcenter will be responsible for you there. Remember to ask your current Jobcenter which new Jobcenter will be responsible after the move and then submit a new application for Citizen’s Allowance there.

For the application, you will need a detailed justification for the move, the new address, the amount of the new rent and ancillary costs, as well as information on whether a moving company is required or whether you are organizing the move yourself.

It is important that you submit all this information to the Jobcenter before you sign the new tenancy agreement.

Further information can be found on the website of the Federal Employment Agency.

You should allow at least two to four weeks for processing. This depends on various factors, including how quickly all the necessary information and documents are received by your job center.

The Jobcenter can cover various costs, including transportation costs, the cost of meals for the moving helpers, the cost of finding accommodation when moving to a new city, estate agent fees and, under certain circumstances, the cost of renovating the old apartment. Please note that the costs must be reasonable. The upper limit for the assumption of moving costs is currently 4,500 euros.

Yes. As a rule, the Jobcenter expects you to obtain at least three quotes from different moving companies to ensure that the costs are reasonable. The Jobcenter will then usually approve the most favorable offer.

As a rule, the Jobcenter covers the costs of necessary renovations that are specified in the rental agreement for the old or new apartment. It is important that this necessity has been clarified and approved in advance with the Jobcenter.

If you move without the Jobcenter having approved the move, you risk being stuck with the moving costs. It is also possible that the Jobcenter will not pay the higher rent for the new apartment and you will have to bear these costs yourself. It is therefore extremely important to obtain a permit before moving.

Yes. If the move has been approved by the Jobcenter, the costs for re-registration can also be covered as part of the move. However, all moving costs, including re-registration, must be clarified and approved in advance with the Jobcenter.

If your application is rejected, you have the right to lodge an objection. The objection should be well-founded and can be formulated with the support of a lawyer specializing in social law. This can help you to review the Jobcenter’s decision and change it if necessary.


Guide for your Jobcenter move

The following guide serves as a summary and gives you a rough overview of the necessary steps for your Jobcenter moving.

1. check the necessity of the move
2. preliminary clarification with the job center
3. submit an application for assumption of costs
4. wait for approval
5. obtain offers
6. check new rental agreement
7. organize the move
8. apartment handover
9. re-registration and change of address
10. submit supporting documents

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